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Knowlegis is unique among grassroots advocacy service providers because our internal research department carefully and meticulously generates all of our print and online content and updates it on a daily basis to ensure maximum accuracy - no other company can make that claim.

Our databases of national, state and local elected leaders; candidates for office; media representatives; and more are the informational life blood to some of the nation's most heavily visited consumer government guides, including those on AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, The New York Times, and USA Today as well as 2,000 other organizations, large and small. But did you know that Capwiz·XC Content is available for custom projects and licensing?

Interested in matching your member list to their individual congressional districts, state legislators or even local media? Want to generate mailing addresses for a constituent print mail campaign? Knowlegis can do this and much more.

What kinds of data are we talking about? Knowlegis maintains two distinct databases of elected officials - one on current Members of Congress, State Legislators and Statewide Executive branch officials, and a second on candidates for election on the Federal and State levels (including write-ins and third parties).

Our media database includes more than 5,000 national and local newspapers, magazines, news services, Internet and political publications, television stations and radio stations. Contact information is provided for each entity and specialty packages can be created for Washington, D.C.-based bureaus and correspondents.

Finally, our one-of-a-kind local database can help you get in touch with local leaders on the city and county level. Successful grassroots campaigns bring attention to national issues by showing their local focus.

Contact us for more information about Knowlegis data files or call 703.289.9816.